Start Connecting Dots

Highlights, Annotate, Tag


Declutter your mind.
Add structure as you go.

We know that thoughts and ideas start chaotic.

So we help you organize your thoughts and rabbit holes as you go.

We help you do this in an incremental way.

Declutter Your Mind
Taking Notes Vector Highlihter
  • Highlight as you read.

    Don't loose you reading flow. Just select text and Highlight. Your highlights will be there when you visit the page next time.

  • Add more context on the page

    Once you are done reading the article. You can just click on any highlight to add tags and notes to the highlight.

  • Add more details from dashboard

    Say you are lazy like us. You can always go to your dashboard to add more tags and notes at once. Search and add relevant data at once.

See how it works in real.

Just enough details for you to get started and using our toolset.


Three simple steps.


1. Download our chrome extension.

2. Create an account with single click.

3. Start collecting the best nuggets from what you read.

If you prefer to read check out our how to use page.

Post highlights as Twitter Threads

Now you can post your highlights on a page as a twitter thread with just one click.

Share your insights on Twitter

  1. Highlight the parts you find relevant in an article.

  2. Once you are done reading click on post as twitter thread.

  3. Engage your followers on twitter with your insights from across the web.

  4. See an example twitter thread we created about our notes from "The Top 3 Most Effective Ways to Take Notes While Reading"