How to Use

If you are on this page, you have already installed our extension and you have logged into our dashboard. At the top right corner of this chrome browser you will see our logo if the extension is installed and you have logged in already.

If the top right corner of your browser looks like the above image you are good to go. Now using our extension you can highlight any part of the text on a web page, add tags and notes to it.


As an exercies select the above paragraph. You will get a prompt to highlight or add notes for the selection which is similar to the image below. Please make sure that this page is completely loaded before you start checking out the extension.



If you don't want to disturn you reading flow just select "Highlight". The selected text becomes highlighted. You can continue reading the article without getting disturbed. Feel free and make as many highlights as you need. The highlighted section would look like the below image.



If you want to add notes to the selection you made right away, click on "Notes". This opens a popup at the right bottom corner of the page. In this popup you can add relevant notes, add relevant tags using which you can search later. The popup would look like the below image.

You can also open the edit popup for any highlight just by clicking on the highlight.


Any time you revisit a page, all the highlights you have made earlier will be marked and highlighted. If you want to get more details like the tags added and notes just hover the highlight or click on it. This helps you get all the data that you need in the context of the give url or link.


When you start making highlights across different pages, you will need to manage all these highlights from a single place and that is what our dashboard enables. You can checkout our dashboard once you have made couple of highlights on different pages to see how it would appear.



Video Tutorial

If you are lazy like us and just scrolled down, play the video to figure out how to use our extension.